de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito FB. Mk. XVIII

  • 5 July 2011

The Mosquito earned the reputation of being one of the most outstanding aircraft of World War II.  Constant success in its various fighter-bomber, maritime and ground attack roles made it is a very respected foe by its opponents.  Its wooden construction provided resistance to punishing damage and afforded quick repair., A03019

My first twin-engined kit – the wooden wonder.  However, the Mosquito did not stand up to the test of time well due to it’s wooden frame – there is a meagre amount of airworthy specimens today.

Airfix is pretty good with replacements – write in to them quoting item bits and they will dispatch a piece to you even if it is an old kit (the Mosquito was from the old Heller-Airfix days previously wrapped in the ‘graph grid’ boxing; provided spares are available).

The canopy from the Mosquito was misplaced due to a ‘mishap’ flying the model around like a school boy near a high-rise apartment window.

It canopy was unglued and never to be found again.

Delivery timings are in the order of 3 months for Singapore and 1.5 months for USA. Kudos to airfix for sending a box and customs clearance that is 1500% the size of a spare piece.