And to summarise M. Starck: Timeless design is the illusion that relevancy in the foreseeable future is guaranteed.  The selfsame illusion is akin to care and concern – arising from human consideration beyond the immediate now.

Current Tally

A boomerang is a a considerate person’s returning stick.

There are many practical uses for this stick.  It can double as a French curve, an arm extension to scratch that otherwise unreachable spot on your back, hunting mid-air fowl for your next meal or even a sap that can be legally carried around.


I was formerly the Administrative Executive of the student corps of the Raffles Institution Red Cross Youth (Batch 53) before graduating and was tasked with this a motif and t-shirt design (being one of the few  ‘artistically inclined’ student leaders).

It was not long ago that found out that the 2004 design was only retired in 2010 – a good 6 years!

20141019_211628 (2)


Update: After I left my position for further studies, I was delightedly informed by my colleagues that many of the collaterals are still in use today and formed the basis of other event posters.

Work featured here have been completed during my tenure as an administrative assistant with a community centre.  As such, employers are not always able to provide the most efficient tools for a job.  In this case, working on posters or ticket stubs in a professional software suite had to be dealt with creatively.

Microsoft Office thus became a viable work around for producing printer matter.  The varied ethnicity of the target community also required bilingual considerations in information placement. In addition, a limited palette of colours and bundled system/office typefaces also proved to be a challenge.
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