And to summarise M. Starck: Timeless design is the illusion that relevancy in the foreseeable future is guaranteed.  The selfsame illusion is akin to care and concern – arising from human consideration beyond the immediate now.

Current Tally

A boomerang is a a considerate person’s returning stick.

There are many practical uses for this stick.  It can double as a French curve, an arm extension to scratch that otherwise unreachable spot on your back, hunting mid-air fowl for your next meal or even a sap that can be legally carried around.


I was formerly the Administrative Executive of the student corps of the Raffles Institution Red Cross Youth (Batch 53) before graduating and was tasked with this a motif and t-shirt design (being one of the few  ‘artistically inclined’ student leaders).

It was not long ago that found out that the 2004 design was only retired in 2010 – a good 6 years!

20141019_211628 (2)