Current Tally

A boomerang is a a considerate person’s returning stick.

There are many practical uses for this stick.  It can double as a French curve, an arm extension to scratch that otherwise unreachable spot on your back, hunting mid-air fowl for your next meal or even a sap that can be legally carried around.

Above all, it is magical in flight and looks great on the wall. You’ll often wonder when it is about to leap out of the window when you are not looking.

The boomerang represents design at its purest. A good toss and some moving currents in the air is all it needs. Simple weight shifts added by rubber bands on its arms quickly turns it into a strong wind fighter. It offers you the choice of sketchy felt-tip kangaroos or feverish summer paint schemes from spray cans. You end up with quite a lot of choices for a simple stick.

The boomerang is testament to the progress of civilisation. The Austalian bushman might have chanced upon a suitable piece of wood, warped by the forces of nature to resemble an aerofoil. Cutting edge designs of today resemble composite wings from advanced aircraft, sculpted out of the likes of carbon fibre composites as well. Holding a glow-in-the-dark one in hand does makes you wonder: would the bushman have had some fresh supper game if he had one?

The boomerang wants you to be considerate. Every toss is a gamble between blind faith and calculated risk. The loss of a boomerang due to freak winds or careless aims into trees is real. Avoiding the decapitation of oneself or the disappointment of curious grade schoolers stacks the odds against you.

Dogs often stare at you in confusion while onlooking owners simply forget they had a game of fetch continue.

Yet everytime your palms clasp the flying wing, that unique range of emotions can only be described as pure magic.

I believe that this magic is what makes people feel alive.